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    <P>Many brides wish that the <A href="">mini wedding dresses</A> can appear. However thanks to the fashionable design of the wedding dress, the price of the wedding dress is always high. So what is the fashionable design?</P> <P>A mixture of the Chinese and western elements: Chinese characteristic elements of national dress, such as standing collar, plate buttons, buttons down the front, now also appear in the Western tailoring of the bride dress.</P> <P>White dress beautifully compact: the designers do not add any fabric decorations but simply lace wedding dress will sketch out the outline, and with the same style as the wedding veil, which discloses in a simple and elegant charm. Such simple but slightly good idea is suitable for the girl having the most petite stature of Chinese bride, more gentle, pleasant.</P> <P>Luxury re-occupies the tipping point: now it is prevalent concise style wedding dress, but going luxury line of wedding dress has re-occupied the tipping point. The more valuable the wedding dress is the more remarkable luxurious wedding is. Specifically, the spring and summer wedding style reshapes tall slender retro image. High occurrence rate of puff wedding dress is similar to court wedding dress; strapless <A href="">plus size prom dresses under 100</A> style is also very respected by the designer. Translucent tulle and chiffon embellished with pretty hot drilling and crystal create a feeling of luxury faction.</P><IMG src="" width=339 height=452> <P> <P>Layers of skirt are the highlight: it is different from the traditional vintage wedding dress with a long tail, the skirt of new spring and summer wedding is a lot shorter- the length of the wedding are above the ankle, so retro style wedding is added with modern feeling. Although length wedding dress is cut short, but the skirt is vintage design highlights of the wedding ceremony. The designer creates layers of skirt effect, so the skirt has a sense of weight; do not decrease the extent of its gorgeous.<BR>A large area of three-dimensional lace sexy fashion: ever lace just as a decoration in the wedding in the spring and summer. But it has become a major part of the wedding decorations from the role, the spring and summer fashion lace is no longer flat lace, with a three-dimensional European hand-dimensional lace and popular sense. This three-dimensional lace makes up the monotony of flat lace and makes the wedding look great texture so that <A href="">inexpensive bridal gowns</A>.</P> <P>Exaggerated headdress into exquisite finishing touch: the key to one of the popular retro-style Victorian style is exaggerated headdress. Unique design style became exaggerated headdress wedding dress with wonderful finishing touch and one of the most popular flowers in the shape of a diamond tiara and a streamlined and these headdress is large enough to cover the bride's half of the head, corresponding with the earrings and necklaces are also much beauty. Not only that, but also moved out of the big-name designers called "mother-class collection of" headdress.</P> <P>When looking numerous analysis of the couture wedding dress, most lace bridal gowns are the most popular goods and well sold. Although different people have different choice of the wedding dress, but we cannot deny that the wedding dress isn’t inexpensive wedding dress. </P> <P><BR><BR><A href=""></A><BR><A href=""></A></P> <P></P>

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