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  • Education jobs ! A comprehensive selection of the finest SEN teaching roles in the UK - Updated on a daily basis

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    Education jobs can be hard to come by with it being such a competitive sector to land a first job. Every year there are thousands of new teachers entering the profession or applying for jobs. The fact that anyone who has qualified as a teacher within the EU and wants to teach in the UK can now obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) quite comfortably, it has increased the number of applicants each year. To find out if you can teach in the UK, people are able to contact the Department for Education (DfE) for guidance. If anyone is looking for a teaching job in the UK but gained qualifications outside the EU, they would need to get in touch with UK Naric, where they will be able to confirm the comparability of their qualifications with those awards that are recognised within the UK teaching profession for obtaining Qualified Teacher Status. <br> <br> Anyone wanting to work in a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) will need to have the right personality to fill the range of education jobs that are available in this environment. PRU's are a category of school that have been established to provide education for children who are unable to attend school. They are often seen as places where children who behave badly are sent, but they are actually able to help a wide range of people. Pupils with medical problems, teenagers who have fallen pregnant and cannot attend school or young mothers, can all be given support by qualified SEN teachers and assistants. Education is also provided for pupils awaiting a school place, for those who have been excluded and for pupils at risk of being excluded. <br> <br> Pupil Referral Units are able to offer their pupils education directly or they can organise arrangements that will involve using external providers such as Further Education Colleges, work-based training through employers and programmes offered by voluntary organisations. People wanting education jobs in PRUs must remember that they are not responsible for teaching the full national curriculum to their pupils. However, they have to offer a balanced education that is broadly curriculum based to include English, Maths, Science, Personal, Social and Health Education, ICT, plus careers guidance. A large number of PRUs will also work with schools to offer assistance and support to vulnerable pupils and those children who are most at risk of facing exclusion from school. This can be achieved either through outreach support to pupils within schools, or by allowing a pupil to stay on the register of a school whilst also attending a PRU. <br> <br> SEN pupils will have a variety of educational needs, so teachers have the option to help pupils with specific disabilities or with a range of needs. Usually, SEN teachers will work with pupils that have dyslexia or dyscalculia, which is similar to dyslexia but with numbers. Other learning special needs teaching will involve helping students with autism, severe epilepsy, a wide range of learning difficulties and visual or hearing impairments. There will also be a need to assist pupils with mobility problems, challenging behaviour or psychiatric problems. The qualifications that an SEN teacher will need will depend on what the particular needs the pupils have that they want to teach. For example, people wanting education jobs that teach pupils with a hearing impairment, might find that learning sign language is an important skill to have.

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