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  • Second Possible Issue / Problem

    Education, Industrial Design


    Second possible issue/problem areas

    A. Identify possible issue/problem areas for your thesis project that you have passion for

    To help the children who have impaired problems to develop their motor skills earlier in their brain developing stage and further encourage increased physical movement. And connect parents and their children together.

    B. What’s the context/understanding you have about the issue/problem?

    Children who have any kinds of impair problems usually have multiple problems. For example: a visually impair children will more likely to have a hearing impair as well.
    Compare to a healthy infant, the impair children’s development are much slower, also a fully blind infant tends to sit by themselves.

    C. Identify initial ideas or existing products for addressing this problem by product design

    A project done by Eddie Shao-Hsien Chiu for his thesis, for “A good Life 3 – Parsons The New School for Design” designed a toy for improving the motor skills of children with cerebral palsy.

    D. What’s the premise/reasoning that makes your solution idea a viable response to the problem?

    A new toy to connect parents and children together, this toy will let the parent forget about all the stress and lead the children to become more outgoing.

    E. Identify who is most affected by your issues. How they will benefit from your thesis idea?

    Parents who have impair children. The parents will benefit by understanding more about their kids and the children will feel more secure and welling to learn more.

    F. Who do you want to interview or collaborate with from those who are affected by the issue your project addresses (NFP, community members, individuals)?

    I want to go to School for the Blind in the NY area first to observe, study and further interview the teachers and different kinds of classes they are given.

    G. What’s your next step? Research more on all of the impair problems Go to special schools and talk to the teacher Deciding what I’m focusing on and find nonprofit organization

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