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  • First Possible Issue / Problem

    Community, Industrial Design


    First possible issue/problem areas

    A. Identify possible issue/problem areas for your thesis project that you have passion for

    I want to reduce poverty, decreasing dead rate and providing a better and healthier community for the poor.

    B. What’s the context/understanding you have about the issue/problem?

    Around 2.8 billion people, more than half of the people in developing countries live on less than $2 per day. Of these, 1.2 billion people live on less than $1 a day. These are not the only problems in the developing countries, over 10 million women and children in developing countries still dying every year. To help them with their daily life and further developed a better health program will be needed.

    C. Identify initial ideas or existing products for addressing this problem by product design

    A project “Camboo” done by Vivian Lam for her thesis “A Good Life 5 – Parsons The New School for Design” addressing the problem of helping the community to earn more money in Cambodia. Cambodia has rich natural resources, and good woven technique. By analyzing the possibilities of their local technique and local materials. Vivian Lam design the whole new opportunity for the local to wove lighting fixtures. She’s first targeting on the local business than further targeting globally. This project will help the people from Cambodia to get more profit from the project itself.

    Water is a really important resource for people around the world, not only for agriculture, but also for drinking. “Ceramic Water Filter” designed by Dr. Fernando Mazareigos. This ceramic water filter helped a lot of people in the poor area. The filter decreasing diarrhea, days of school or work missed due to illness, and medical expenses. Now more than 500, 000 people benefit from it.

    D. What’s the premise/reasoning that makes your solution idea a viable response to the problem?

    To develop a program to help people there to develop a skill and further sell it to benefit themselves. And have a better education program for the parents to prevent “missed opportunities to save lives.”

    E. Identify who is most affected by your issues. How they will benefit from your thesis idea?

    The people from the developing countries are most affected by the issues. They will benefit it by having the skills and a new working opportunity to get more income from my thesis idea. This will benefit their living life.

    F. Who do you want to interview or collaborate with from those who are affected by the issue your project addresses (NFP, community members, individuals)?

    I want to collaborate with World Bank – a big company, which helped a lot of developing countries in the world. They have research team all over the world. If I can, it will be an honor to work with them.

    Potter for Peace – a nonprofit, to help the community to find the appropriate technology, skills and materials to help preserve cultural tradition; and assist in marketing locally regionally and internationally.

    GCG (Generation for Change and Growth) – To provide individuals (youth) and communities with skills and opportunities to strive for advancement of Education and better Health care services.

    Camfed (Campaign for Female Education) – help the girls in African to get educated.

    IDE (international development enterprises)

    G. What’s your next step?

    To have a clear vision of what I want to focus on. Keep researching on problems that are happening around the world in the developing countries.

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