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  • Car and Environmental issue

    Environment, Industrial Design


    3. A. Global warming, depletion of energy source B. The increase of car causes oil depletion. Industrial product creating CO2. C. The initial problem for all causes on above is the car. car has been very useful invention by human, however at the same time it creates environmental issues in the world.
    D. Many scientists have announced that the oil in the world will deplete if the current usage of oil goes on for 10 years. Therefore people must find alternative energy to run the transportation. Such as car runs by water or solar power (Solar car in development process, Hybrid car). Another issues is public transportation system is not perfectly in many cities and countries and this make people to prefer riding a car.
    E. People, who owns the car. Car has been essential transportation. Anyone tries to purchase a car. I believe if people find nice and comfortableness about the public transportation it would decrease the number of people, who drive their own cars. F. Public transportation office, People, G. Research specific detail of energy depletion and car usage

    1. Hybrid car and solar car. This summer I visited Los Angeles for family affair, soon as I got off the airport, one thing that came up to my sight was hybrid car. TOYOTA Prius was everywhere. I was surprised by large number of hybrid car. I asked my cousin why there are so many hybrids. He answered the major reason is since Los Angeles is big city; people must need a car to move. Though there is subway, the system is not so organized and it only runs in downtown. At the time the price of oil was going up daily, therefore people start to buy more hybrids to save money.

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