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  • peppermint

    Peace, Environmental Design

    Peppermint is a hybrid plant which is a combination of watermint and spearmint. Deriving its origin from Europe, Peppermint (oil and leaf) has since long been used for medicinal purposes. It has a high content of menthol and is a popular and a conventional flavoring agent in food, beverages and confectionary items. It is also found in some shampoos, soaps and many skin care products. Uses of Peppermint:

    The most common use of Peppermint is for the treatment of common cold and cough. Due to its medicinal qualities, it finds its way in a wide range of applications. Peppermint is also used as a painkiller and the oil is used for getting relief from headache, muscle and nerve pain, toothache, and joint pain. It is also used for treating inflammation of mouth & throat, sinus and other respiratory infections.

    Peppermint oil capsules help relieve common symptoms of stomach upset such as indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, bloating. It is also used for other digestive and gastric problems like nausea, heartburn, morning sickness, vomiting, diarrhea, and bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine. Peppermint is also used for menstrual problems, liver and gallbladder problems, and also acts as a stimulant.

    Peppermint is also used in aroma therapy to enhance memory and alertness. Some studies show that it may also have radio protective effects in treatment of cancer.

    It is also used in treating skin problems such as skin itchiness, allergic rashes, viral and bacterial infections and also used in mosquito repelling skin creams. Peppermint Oil also provides a cooling and a soothing sensation and gives relief from any kind of pain when applied to skin.

    Peppermint flowers are large producers of nectar and if a sufficient quantity of the flowers is available, a mild but a pleasant variety of honey can be produced.

    Apart from all these benefits, peppermint may also have some side effects if used with other medication. In such cases, it would be better to consult a healthcare specialist. For more information visit @:

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