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  • Chinese pet products marketing strategy

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design

    A large number of pet supplies and pet supplies market originally emerge in Europe and other developed countries. We are impressed by some of Hollywood movies and learn about the pet's life, Such as the film "Coffee Cat". Along with economic development, people's living standards improving and the pet culture formation of pet, a large number of rich people become the pet consumer groups. These people regard pets as their family and friends as well as the social status or fashion. It also led to the development of pet supplies market, which covers Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries or regions which have become the pet supplies market.

    Domestic pet supplies market situation and prospect:

    In Chinese mainland at present time, pet supplies market is a growing market which is in the initial stage of growth. A few years ago, some of Europe and other developed countries or regions move the pet supplies manufacturing sectors to mainland China, but the design and marketing still stay in their own countries or regions. That is why that the china-made pet products mostly are for oversea market. Of course, there is also connection with China's current pet supplies market which is not yet mature as well as immature of pet culture and government's negative attitude to pet consumption. Most pet goods manufacturers are still in the development stage or preparing sidelines. There was one news report about a college graduate who begins his own pet businesses after graduation and opens a pet grooming shop, which seems to explain that some economically developed cities and regions in the Chinese mainland have formed a pet consumer market, which also contributes to China pet products market formation. The pet consumption is increasingly becoming a fashion, taste and avant-garde expression after China's rapid economic development and the emergence of a large number of wealthy and growing middle class. In shot, China pet products market has great potential and broad development prospects.

    The analysis of China pet supplies market and marketing strategy:

    At present, the spending on pets is not so popular in Chinese mainland, although it has been increasing. Due to the absence of pet culture, there is a long way to go to form a mature pet supplies market. First, people's Thrifty tradition makes them to think of the pet keeping as a luxury lifestyle. Second, people's diligence and ignoring leisure life make them unable to stay with the pets. In western countries, people emphasis on leisure and entertainment, which make them have plenty of time to stay with their pets and lead to the development of pet supplies market. The situation is much different in China. Many rich people do not regard entertainment as an important part of their life. Additionally, they would like to spend time in KTV or other entertainment place which is relative to their work. The Chinese businessmen like it so much.Their behavior is recreational needs of their work instead of pure entertainment. So the key problem for China's pet products market is pet consumer culture shaping.

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