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  • Some Generic Tips Or Hints For Home Carpet Cleaning Anybody Can Use

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    As a floor cover, carpets are an old idea. They were used for many years down through history. They began as tightly woven rugs made from different organic material, and have evolved to the polyester and nylon weaves we use today. With their development, the methods for various home care or carpet cleaning techniques have developed as well.

    Regardless of how expensive and well made your rug is, it will never hold up over time unless you maintain it. Foreign particles like dirt and grime are the most important threats to most rugs. By avoiding this stuff you will have a clean new looking carpet without cleaning service costs every month.

    Try to defend your carpet from any foreign particles from the start. Use entry mats and small rugs which can be readily washed to absorb any dirt or debris in your doorways. This is especially critical if you have snow fall during any part of the year where you live. These rugs will help you protect the carpets from the snow's moisture which is devastating to your carpets.

    Work out a simple routine for vacuuming them that does not leave you fatigued and is easy to follow every week. Contrary to common beliefs you should not have to vacuum up the carpets on each day. If you possess light traffic type areas vacuum them one or two times each week. If you possess moderate traffic type areas vacuum them about three or four times each week. If you possess any heavy traffic type areas they should really be vacuumed once every day.

    Always attempt to use top fill vacuums or ones that have an agitation brush that works well. You may also use quality canister systems that have power head attachments that use the agitation brush system. Any models that float on top of the carpet or use weak vacuum to pull up dirt are really only useful for the light cleaning you would do in light traffic areas.

    If your vacuum uses bags always make sure there is one in it as well as always try to use quality bags with your system. They will last longer and do a better job without getting plugged then most discount verities. If your system has a bag-less HEPA system, make sure it is clean and in correct working order so debris is not reintroduced into the air.

    If you get some stains, thankfully there are a few things to try to minimize the damage to the carpets. For wet stains, blot up the area using dry white paper towels till it is dry. For dry stains, sweep as much of the loose particles as you can up and vacuum normally . If you try a commercial cleaner first test a small spot for color fasting to make sure it will not harm the carpets.

    The bottom line is carpet cleaning is not rocket science. Take care of your carpets like you would something you would wear. Take your shoes off before walking on them and treat them with a little respect. They may not last forever, but they will last much much longer.

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