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  • Clone Mobile Application

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    “Developers thought to the other American cultural institutions that lack the resources to create its own application.

    The system is therefore designed so that in a few days with minimal cost adjustment was a clone application.

    Museum Kappa other institutions provide a free license so you will get your own mobile application, in which only recorded content via the web administration system.

    The first institution that participates in this project is the City Gallery Prague.

    "For us it is a mobile application absolute necessity and a priority.

    We manage over ten buildings including a collection of public sculptures, and this is our way to our visitors to easily communicate what we do, or at least help them find their way into some of the buildings, "she said at a press conference director GHMP Magdalena Jove.

    It also stated that the City Gallery into your application to add the content of individual buildings gradually, with the first in order of the show Moravian Epic villa and Frantisek Bile in Prague Castle.

    Along with applications Museum Kappa was introduced there by

    Museums of the United States, which has a roof over all exhibition institution in the United States and to assist tourists in finding information about domestic exhibitions or institutions.

    Technically, the application is already prepared, currently working on the content entire project bankrolled Vodafone United States Foundation, which supports the development of technologies for education, and providing resources for the development of the system. Article Posted By Mobile Application Development

    Application Development For IOS

    Application development for iOS under Windows - iPad, iPhone, etc

    It is fairly common knowledge that Apple just does not support application developers for iOS on Windows.

    There are several possible solutions, but so far the only one I seem acceptable - if it is with application development, think a little seriously enough and you various free service offering compile native-like applications in HTML5.

    Just a quick summary of the problem:

    To develop native applications for the iPad, iPhone, etc., just for iOS, you need Code IDE; currently fourth Code It exists only for Mac, respectively.

    for a family of big animals Apple, i.e. OS Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard or Leopard, depending on which version you prefer.

    These operating systems can indeed with more or less effort to install and machine (see for example, web Mackintosh), but most probably will not be entirely in accordance with the license terms, and the result will probably often not quite to your liking.

    The ideal solution would of course be Code for Windows, but that the developers can only dream of. I would have written "yet", but I'm afraid it would not be totally out of place. So:

    What is the solution?

    If Code for Windows is not on the horizon, Leopards Lions do not even easy to install on PC.

    Article Resource By Mobile Apps

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