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  • Algae Harvesting Methods Applying Natural Algae Killer

    Poverty, Environmental Design

    Natural algae killer refer to a method of eliminating growing bodies of micro organisms in an organic way. Various methods of organic control have been discovered but fewer methods of organic elimination exist. In order to understand how these natural killers work it would be important to understand better, what algae are. In so doing, it could enable further understanding of why such crucial need is seen to carry out the control and elimination of these plants.

    Algae are common single celled plants or larger fifty-two feet long kelps that live in seas. However, they are especially common in fish ponds and in some cases household pools. Often they are evidenced by a green mass of floating slime micro organisms can grow wherever nutrients, water and sunlight are available.

    They provide a food base for various aquatic wildlife though too much of it could prove to be bad. It can discolor pond water and cause it to yield an unfavorable odor. To eliminate micro organisms a variety of bacteria killing methods are used.

    Management of these micro organisms in which would maybe result in the use of synthetic chemicals, which are often toxic to aquatic life. Select methods of control would be required and organic methods would be extremely better in management. Reduction in the frequency and amount of fertilization in fish ponds, increase in water changes in pools and ponds. In addition, an alternative in fish ponds would be stocking up with bacteria consuming fish.

    The rise of natural killers that are essentially all organic and therefore welcome step in safety as opposed to the synthetic methods. Creation from cheap and readily available materials is crucial, one such killer does all this. It requires only a pantyhose or sock, finely ground cornmeal with one cup for every hundred square feet of pond and an elastic band.

    To give rise to this one would simply need to cut off the top of the hose and fill it with the required amount of cornmeal. Then the cut off part would require to be tied with the use of the elastic band to prevent it from leaking out and set the sock in the water. The stocking recovered from the pond once all the cornmeal has dispersed in the water. This process should be undertaken whenever there is a problem with the micro organisms.

    When making this it is advised to use organic cornmeal to prevent introduction of potentially harmful chemicals such as pesticides to the pool or pond. Also finely, ground cornmeal works better than the coarse ground cornmeal. Corn meal contains cellulose, which works to eliminate the bacteria present in a pond or pool.

    Use of the natural algae killer as opposed to the chemical method of killing bacteria is becoming more popular especially with organic farmers. In the face of recent need to reduce the introduction of toxicity to the environment this could be seen as key way to prevent land and water pollution. This method is mostly applicable to farmers who practice organic farming. Furthermore, organic farming is considered to have numerous advantages over other conventional methods of farming.

    When you need to find a reliable natural algae killer, go to the website here online. More information is available at now.

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