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    Imagine the place where you spend most of your time each day.

    I want to be in the place where can enhance my body and soul.

    1. I think we all must believe in ourselves that we can have better life.
    2. If we believe in what we believe in, people’s mind and behavior will change. This will make different future.
    3. I guess having religion, or having something to believe in are important.

    Imagine your neighborhood the way you most want it to be.

    I believe in honest and compromising neighborhood.

    1. I think it’s critical to talk with your neighbor in good mannerism.
    2. People will start to respect each other.
    3. Give greetings to neighbors.

    Imagine your country the way you most want it to be.

    Happier Family, Healthier Community

    1. Well-taught education from family and school that will not only make a person’s knowledge grow but also improve personality of a person (responsibility, love, etc).
    2. If people learn to love each other and have responsibility, then there will be less sad consequences such as immoral acts, suicide, or murder, etc. This result will make healthier community and nation, moreover, the world.
    3. The least thing I can do is love my family first and care for them. Talk about my problems and don’t let it destruct yourself because it will hurt people around you as well. Then start to care about my neighborhood and friends that at least saying hello is important.

    Imagine the world the way you most want it to be.

    I want the world to be in the place that has nature of 20 years ago and technology of 20 years later.

    1. Each person can do something to protect our nature. I believe it will be contagious if any one of us starts!
    2. We will live in the better world with clean air, water, and earth.
    3. Not being lazy will help everything because I think changing myself will help changing the world somehow.

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