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  • Agricultural And Industrial Structure Primer From Fowler And Gilbert

    Communication, Industrial Design

    When it comes to prefabricated industrial and agricultural buildings, there is no need to look beyond Fowler and Gilbert is the most trusted name in the United Kingdom for steel portal frame structures. The portal frames are fabricated at their Middlewich plant in Cheshire, and then transported to sites all over the United Kingdom for installation.

    These buildings are commonly used as grain stores, stables, farm sheds, riding arenas, industrial warehouses, and even shopping centers. Portal frames are rafters and columns locked together with the help of braces and brackets. This technique is particularly suitable for the construction of wide span, low-rise buildings.

    The concept is that the columns at either end take up the bending moment from the rafters. This is why buildings with wide spans can be built with no columns in the middle to block up space and unimpeded movement. Apart from the open spaces, portal frames also have other more significant benefits.

    The entire structure can be prefabricated in a factory and shipped over to the building site for installation. This easy and fast process reduces the construction cost, manpower and time required. In addition, it facilitates natural lighting if clear sheets are used on the roof. This reduces power consumption, thus reducing operational costs. It also makes the structure more environment friendly than other buildings with concrete roofs.

    The building can be made to order as per specifications and the intended usage. Before anything is built, expert designers will create a virtual 3D model using advanced software. This allows the model to be put through a series of stress tests.

    This process is a computer-aided simulation which checks the design for flaws and compliance with building codes. Since all of this is done virtually, it reduces the chances of oversights and expensive corrective measures after the actual construction work begins. The portal frames are then made using hi-tech precision machines that ensure everything is made exactly as per the specifications.

    A portal frame building kit can also be purchased off the shelf. The kit comes in multiple standard sizes, and can be installed by the buyer as a do-it-yourself project. If required, the manufacturer can take care of the installation of standard kits.

    Demolition of portal frame structures is also a lot easier compared to traditional concrete and brick structures. In this case, it is more of a dismantling process than a full-fledged demolition. Most of the material can be taken apart and recycled, which makes the demolition just as environment friendly as the original construction. The contractor should be able to take away the leftover waste such as asbestos.

    The building can be refurbished to add many more years to its life. Re-roofing steel portal frame buildings does not call for a demolition either. Neither does a new roof have to be built from scratch. Re-cladding or over-cladding can be done on a limited scale without turning it into a big upgrade project.

    Opting to build or upgrade agricultural or industrial facilities is a big decision, and is usually part of a long-term growth plan. Steel portal frame structures are the best choice because the building will be environment friendly and cost-effective, with little or no disruptions of day to day operations during construction. It requires a professional approach and the experience of experts such as Fowler and Gilbert (

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