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  • Why Would You Buy a Rolex Watch From an Online Pawn Shop?

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    First, why would you buy a Rolex at all? It gives you the psychic reward of owning a fine time-keeping instrument- the satisfaction of owning “nice things.”

    When times are tough, as they have been for many people the past few years, people cut back wherever they can- or wherever they need to. In the hierarchy of needs, psychic rewards are far down on the list. The need for food, shelter, and safety for ourselves and our families must be satisfied before any of the more intangible needs. Of course we would like to feel high levels of esteem and self actualization. These are basic human desires. But these only are felt after we have been able to satisfy the higher level, more basic needs.

    Now that many business people have “weathered the storm” of the economic recession and they have been able to provide for the comfort and security of their , thoughts of boosting self esteem are creeping back into their minds. They are reflecting on their personal worth, social recognition, and feelings of accomplishment. What better way to do something nice for themselves than to buy and wear a Rolex watch. Not only does it become a reminder that they have the talent and ability to withstand hardship and triumph over adversity, it is also a universally recognized symbol of financial success and achievement.

    Once you own a Rolex, you become very aware of who else is wearing one. You feel part of an elite club. For owners of the rare Rolex Daytona, it is almost like an exclusive fraternity. The unique chronograph face makes it easily identifiable as a Daytona. Often wearers will nod subtly to one another- no words have to be spoken.

    Second, why would you buy a Rolex from a pawn shop? Very simply, if you are a savvy buyer, you can get a real bargain.

    Not everyone can afford a new Rolex from an authorized dealer. But no one who wants a Rolex to satisfy their innermost needs wants to own a fake- there would be no satisfaction in that. But a pre-owned or even Vintage Rolex does bring with it the cache that makes it so special.

    Pawn shops are in the money lending business. They make loans using valuable items as collateral. They want to lend as much as they can- up to the immediate liquidation value of the asset. Pawnbrokers want to maximize the loan amount so that they can maximize the interest earned. But in the event the customer is not able or willing to redeem the item (which only happens 20% of the time-or less) the pawn broker wants to liquidate the item to recover the loan amount and then loan the money back out to another customer.

    When a pawn shop attempts to liquidate the item, by selling it in the retail part of the pawn shop, as long as they recover the amount they loaned against it, they will be satisfied. <a rel="nofollow external" href=""><IMG src="" height=380 width=310></A>

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