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  • How A Shackleton Leadership Program Can Make Management Better

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    Participating in a Shackleton leadership program is a life altering opportunity. Many people leave having gained such tremendous insight into the skills they need to be effective leaders. Getting back to work gives them the chance to put their new found knowledge into action right away. Those that have completed the course make some of the best leaders in any business.

    The programs are based on the life and qualities of the famous Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. His well documented expedition to the hostile icy wasteland is legendary. The party met with one disaster after another and were trapped for months in some of the harshest conditions on earth, with no chance of rescue and no means to communicate with the outside world.

    Less effective leaders would have lost control of their men quickly. Similar situations have typically ended in disaster for everyone. Yet with Shackleton's outstanding ability to lead, not only did he stay firmly in charge, but he got every one of his men home safely. Their journey across the ocean in small open boats defies imagination. It is a tribute to his amazing skill that the outcome was so positive and his men were still willing to follow him.

    One of the first things to learn is how to pick your team. Surrounding yourself with the best people is a key to success. Every one must know their job and be very highly qualified. They should be able to work together well and report to the boss with their findings. Understanding which person is best suited for each task is also an important skill.

    Staying clear headed and logical at all time is also an important consideration. People respect those who can set out the plan concisely and in terms that are simple to understand. Even when they realize they may have made a mistake, a good leader will explain this to their workers and set out a new plan. When done with honesty and confidence this will meet with a positive response.

    Shackleton always remained logical rather than emotional. He was able to calmly formulate a plan and then present it to his men. Because they could count on his skills and ability they were willing to follow him. He, in turn, had made it his business to get to know everyone on his team. He could detect quickly when someone was sinking into despair or loosing heart. He was then able to approach them on a personal level and give them some kind words of encouragement.

    The ability to stay focused at all times is a great attribute. This is very important in times of uncertainty or stress. Workers look to the boss or management to provide a show of strength and logic. Inspirational leaders are always able to get the best from their employees, even in the darkest of times.

    Many people feel that attending a Shackleton leadership program is one of the best career moves they have ever made. They will leave feeling inspired and motivated. They will also have learned many practical skills to put into effect as soon as they get back to the office.

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