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  • Street Abuse

    Education, Communication Design


    An effort to raise awareness of street abuse particularly in urban areas.

    Amnesty International says that all women deserve to live as free citizens in the world. Some call it catcalling, flirting, eve teasing, harassment, but another more popular phrase is on the rise: street abuse. Street abuse occurs anytime woman is verbally and/or physically assaulted by a stranger in the street, all under the guise of flirting.

    While some of it is innocent flirting, too often street abuse can quickly escalate to threats of violence. Some say it's "guys being guys", but many women often go through their lives feeling threatened and humiliated when conducting simple acts throughout the day: Getting a cup of coffee, going to the bank, meeting up with friends, spending time with their children, and in my scenario getting groceries.

    I want to inform men of how women internalize constant unsolicited assaults from strangers, while empowering women of their rights, such as speaking up and knowing that harassment is a crime. I also wanted to make it look like a crime just took place with minute details of the crime and her shadow acting as another part of her dignity dying.

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