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  • Man made with nature love

    Education, Industrial Design


    I am organizing the follow up from the Re-use your brain & re-use your heart workshop and exhibition held in Beijing in the CAFA (academy for fine arts)

    Introduction to the initiative: Man made with nature love...

    Many knowledge-transfer on sustainable design enables people to realize and understand environmental issues and the culture in which they occur. With a transfer & exchange people talk and think together, discussing how a healthier future may look like. A great first step to initiate action.

    Therefor this project was initiated to aim at students of design-academies to research on honest and necessary measurements/solutions to use our (local) resources, create funny new objects and enjoy doing the most necessary transformation for a world running out of resourc-ideas. The purpose of this 4 week-workshop is to make an effort towards understanding down-/up-/and recycling and product- “characters&personalities”. Sustainability can become a real power for the creative industries of many upcoming cities in China. The idea to combine the workshop, the exposition as a display and the booklet as a trade, is to give an understanding and an awareness through a specific research, practical learning by doing, making things another way and document the process of speeding up the changing perspectives towards our resources & materials.

    The workshop is part of the educational activities of the non-profit organisation “de vier koningen” based in Maastricht, the netherlands. It’s a new organisation for the international understanding of education, design and sound. Next to the cooperation with the UdK in Berlin this project is in cooperation with the CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) Beijing.

    Any ideas of local experts or laboratories in the beijing area would be fantastic. Also please visit our exhibition if you are around. Exact dates and times will be anounced.


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