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  • The artist's life at RIA/CE

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    The Raghurajpur heritage craft village in Odisha, India is a favorite tourist spot, which is less than two hours away from the main city of Bhubaneswar. But more than the art and craft products, which you could find anywhere in Odisha, the allure of this village comes from visiting the artisans in their own homes, which is a community of some 125 artisan families that are organized and sustained by the making of Indian craft. The village is also a regular stop for local and international artist groups that frequent the Indian state. And it was through such visits that local Odishan artist and art festival organizer Khitish Dash conceived the idea of RIA/CE.

    Partnering with American contemporary artist Carol Hummel, the two artist-organizers set off to make the Raghurajpur International Art/Craft Exchange (RIA/CE) a reality. The two artists had previously worked together in several art festivals in India, and already had an idea of the things that work and didn’t work for the artist during such events. Things like ...

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