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  • Ephemeral Horticouture

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    These handmade floral and leafy couture creations by Vancouver-based artist Nicole Dextras are pretty darn phenomenal. Known also as 'Weedrobes', the artist actually categorizes them on her website as 'ephemeral art'. They are crafted to be impermanent with only a photographic record to document their moment of green splendor.

  • And the flowers? bit of a waste don't you think?

  • In response to Errr..., posted by Derek Stewart,
    in the thread Ephemeral Horticouture

    I understand the wasteful aspect in terms of materials. I do appreciate the greater message, perhaps, of the wastefulness of the fashion industry itself, though.

    All flowers and vegetal materials are composted in the end.

    "Weedrobes is a series of ephemeral sculptures linking our dysfunctional relationship to both our bodies and the environment. It points the concept of environmental art into the realm of the body as politic and the hegemony of the fashion industry.'

    These eco-wearables are made from live plant materials such as leaves, flowers and branches and their organic structure indicates a symbiotic relationship between the body and the land. They question our attitudes toward territorial dominance, societal status and sexual identity."

  • In response to Horticouture...Errr..., posted by Abigail Doan,
    in the thread Ephemeral Horticouture

    That's some explanation - definitely caught me out.

    Re: my response, I'm sorry, but my mother always told me never to pick flowers and it's kind of stuck.

    Not sure about the thought of a 'flower' as 'material' either but anyway....

    Re: a symbiotic relationship between the body and the land, territorial dominance, status and sexual identity - wouldn't just getting naked and lying in a sunny meadow help question all that?

    pace e bene.

  • In response to Errr (2)..., posted by Derek Stewart,
    in the thread Ephemeral Horticouture

    My mother taught me the same.

    Perhaps I am on the fence about this, too.


    Grazie mille per nostra conversazione!

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