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  • Terra! Anti-smog 'campaign' - Rome

    Communication, Environmental Design


    "150 statues across Rome were wearing elasticated anti-pollution masks over their mouths on Thursday morning following a covert night-time operation by environmental activists.

    Early-morning joggers and dog walkers alerted the police to the masks after finding them on statues of Roman emperors lining Via dei Fori Imperiali near the Colosseum, famous magistrates around Rome's Palace of Justice, and Garibaldi's mustachioed generals on the Janiculum Hill.

    Statues in Piazza del Popolo and along two bridges across the River Tiber were also dressed in the protective gear.

    The activists from environmental group Terra! had also hung no-entry road signs around the necks of the statues bearing the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide."

    (from ANSA)

    A really effective 'campaign' that's getting a lot of press over here. A simple, harmless idea that gets across a very big issue. A kind of vandalism, I know, but I really love the idea that it looks like it's the statues themselves, romans, angels, military figures, etc, that are protesting at the pollution levels. Wish I'd come up with something like that. Bravi! 'Terra!'

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