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  • MedX -MED"EXACT"

    Aid, Industrial Design


    RFID Device and System for Storing Patients' Medical Histories

    It is too hard to transfer the medical history of a patient from past doctor to the new doctor, and when a patient is unconscious in an emergency, it is extremely hard for paramedics to know about the medical information of the patient.

    MedX is a portable and affordable device with a standardized system that provides accurate and immediate medical history of a patient while maintaining their privacy through RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification) technology.

    MedX allows the doctor to provide appropriate medical care to each patient and illiminate guesswork in emergency situations. It provides peace of mind for patients as well as doctors.

    Although the current target of MedX is with U.S, I plan to collaborate with doctors in Africa as this would also be the ideal solution for Africa due to its convenience and affordability.

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