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  • SilSangSa Little School, Jeollabukdo, ROK



    My recent artistic research on the mainstream capitalistic South-Korean society brought me to a remote region in Jeollabukdo. A French and I are working as volunteers with the Korean organization IWO in this interesting community in the city of Sannae (산내).

    I wanted to put attention to this, because I believe the combination of traditional Buddhist education, co-organized farming by temple, community, and school is seriously an alternative to what I have seen sofar.

    The schools curriculum features classes like world peace, argricultural education, and Indian philosophy. It also teaches to life traditional Korean lifestyle and the gratetiude of monks. It has been very open-minded and therefore does freely inbed Christian and Atheist. Probably also Moslems, but I have not seen any around, yet.

    SilSangSa Little Middle School(KOREAN) 실상사작은학교

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