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  • Towards a better environmental research

    Environment, Communication Design

    When it comes to bragging every living soul on earth knows that a huge, sound, concrete subject will get more attention than aiming its work on less charming ones. One can be in the front page of the major mainstream newspapers of the world if he (or she) shows gallantry and even a certain aura of Don Quijotism by defending the blue whales with an old joyfully coloured tug against the sailors of gloom in their gigantic death vessels. Ok. It is nice, helpful, brings out visibility to the fight and strategically intelligent when it comes to the awareness of common people all over the world to the environmental cause. Also it is charmy and helps to rescue a certain romanticism through the beau-geste, sounds like the good cause. Notwithstanding we all know how deep and wide this fight can be and the myriad of different subjects attached to fighting this good fight. Major challenges are right in front of our everyday´s eyes, from extreme poverty in shantytowns to the constant advance of the agricultural boundaries towards fundamental biomes, from the destruction of entire cultures through war to the pollution brought by the chemicals used in the manufacturing of warfare in the theatre of operations. Some of these subjects, though, don´t get the proper and due coverage or research for they might either sound anacronic to the press or not appealing enough to justify more space or duscussion within the academy. I observe that there is a tendency on taking some of this less-seductive themes as an exercise of enlightened-cynicism if I can put it this way. It is also understandable that the range of the impact on the world balance of a disrupted Amazon will light curiosity up but - this is my opinion - most of the premises on the waste of the area are either apalling weak or suffer of the very contemporary sociopathy of self-promotion. In both cases, by departing from a point that demands a final assertive, the miserably fail to properly show the facts and corrupt their visions by looking for simple solutions within utter complex environments. Even when big organizations are involved in heavy-weight productions about Amazon - for those who have a minimal undrstanding of the inside story - abuse the right to certain theoretical licenses that may plunge their efforts into a deserved sea of mistrust. The fact is there is not a problem to be approached as one big mass of disruption whose birth, growth and death belongs to the same wheel of nature and, because of that, obligatorily has generated solutions. I don´t think so. The human-factor, the oppression of entire populations caused by economic forces that - most of the time - are intangible is systematically put aside of the anlysis. This oppession caused numberless diasporas during the last 50 years or so and led these families, natives or non-natives, to a level of extreme poverty and subsequently to a desperate fight to survive within the forest or to get adrift homeless along the streets or in the shantytowns of the cities and villages of the region. Most interesting is to notice that what I´ve called intangible forces are the same to advertise their care and awareness to the environmental cause. They are local and multinational companies, they´re looking for millionaire commodities or simply demarcating their territories in the perhaps wealthiest region of the globe. I exhort all of those interested in developing serious and profitable studies on Amazon and other in-danger zones , to give dialectics a chance instead of following some now-wasted recipes of research. Do not fall in the simple trap of numbers, of how many football fields of forest are torn down every month. It helps if you are in the 7 o´clock News but it is useless if you are really interested in saving the whole thing. Have a holistic approach, get to know people and try to understand them not in a touristic way. Get to know how they live, what their history is, how good and bad they can be. Don´t bring any prejudice, even the ones founded by political correctness. Understand the role of the megacompanies in the world, try to guess what they have hidden, what could or will be their next moves. Give body and weight to your argumentation and good luck.

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