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    C o r e P r o b l e m Although the Kingdom of Cambodia is rich in natural resources, decades of war and internal conflict have left it one of the world’s poorest countries. The World Bank estimated 35% of the population living under the poverty line in 2004. It is highest in rural areas and lowest in Phnom Phen. While the country’s economy has grown in the last few years, It’ll still take a long time to escape poverty.

    The pressures of a fast-growing population contribute to poverty. Because of a lack of education and skills training, people have low capabilities and inadequate employment opportunities. They are insecure, excluded, and vulnerable. Poor health, lack of education, poor infrastructure and low productivity lead to deeper poverty. The cycle of poverty, ill health, and high health care costs cripple poor Cambodian families economically.

    T a r g e t a u d i e n c e Producers: low-income bamboo artisan families in Cambodia Buyers: global customers

    M i s s i o n • improve the quality of life for struggling low-income families in Cambodia, by investigating the country’s available natural resources, • create opportunities for the production of responsible design products to sell in the global marketplace, • practice production and consumption in a more sustainable manner. • educate consumers about the producers/artisans backgrounds

    As I believe, these individuals in Cambodia have their abilities and advantages to create wealth, and to create the opportunity is the important role to start the project.

    Cambodian bamboo artisans have the traditional skills and techniques to build products out of the material, these are their rich resources and unique abilities. But the traditional design might not feed the global market’s tastes, therefore, collaboration of new designs and artisans skills could help to access a new global market for Cambodia.

    Proposal An encouragement of Cambodians bamboo product has not been market yet, therefore, this project will be quality designs of living products which embedding Cambodian artisans footprint. The products are aim for sale of the global market, and the profit from the fair trade sale will improve the income of the participate households. To great a better, more stability home.

    Components: *An instruction menu to guide the artisans to build the new designs. *Full scale drawings for artisans to refer bents of rattan. *A printed silk screen with graphics, frame to be provided by artisans. (Directions included)

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