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    Design Strategist Hillary Cottam launches her new design venture, Participle, this coming April.

    In 2005, Hilary Cottam won the title of Designer of the Year. Since which, the London Design Museum continue to pitch her 'radical design rethinking of the UK's schools, prison system and health service and her work as director of the Design Council’s experimental RED team, to be championing a more inspiring and efficient approach to design in the public sector. Hilary is currently setting up her latest initiative, Participle - a new social venture to design the next generation of public services.

    "Participle is a unique hybrid: bringing together systemic policy thinking and new ideas with project methodology which enables us to harness the broader creativity and latent solutions visible on the ground to service users, front line workers and communities: we call this methodology Transformation Design.

    Participle creates future services with and for the public. Most attempts at innovation and service improvement start within existing institutions and ask how they can be reformed. We start from the individual, unlocking a unique set of insights and motivations, which we then apply to the broad systemic problems we are seeking to answer."

    Participle is being set up by four prestigious directors; Hilary Cottam (award winning social entrepreneur), Colin Burns (former MD of IDEO London), Charles Leadbeater (internationally renowned thinker and innovator) and Hugo Manassei (entrepreneur and enterprise consultant.) They are working with a small inter-disciplinary team that includes, economists, designers and policy analysts.

    The website and plan are due to be launch in April 2008, to which I look forward to finding more about.

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