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  • Design, designing, designing designers, and redesigning designing: a fable on sustainment

    Education, Environmental Design

    Long ago, there was the world before the stuff. From the world before the stuff came the world with some stuff. Then came machines and with it, all of a sudden, came the world with a lot of stuff.

    In the world with some stuff, some had a lot of stuff and some had little or no stuff. When the machines came to make the world with a lot of stuff, it was promised that everyone would now have enough stuff. But still, it continued that some people had little or no stuff, while others had even more stuff.

    When the world with a lot of stuff came to be, all of a sudden, there was more than most people were accustomed to want. In order for the world with a lot of stuff to work, there needed always to be people to want the stuff. So designers came to be...

    So begins a fable I recently wrote about design and unsustainability, which suggests that the only way we can deal with this condition is by redesigning the profession, which means redesigning designers - teaching - to redesign designing. It's a conundrum. A pdf of the article can be accessed here (a pdf will be downloaded).

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