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    Hi sweetheart, first congratulate you for that great idea. I am pretty sure it will be a great success.

    I write you because, as many ones, I took a time to observe all the images, I mean the 1606 (as far as I saw) and I realised that many of the people who sent their logos have register as user just a few days prior the final date and other ones like me have been just notified only two days prior. That's why I set the logos that I couldn't put "STORIES FROM THE FIELD"

    in my personal blog. You can see them at: link name


    I suggest that everyone who have register and want to send more logos should be able to send them or the competitors you indicate should send more samples of logos if they fulfill the requirments.

    The icon of the Festival must say three things:

    • That it is about a Documental Movies Festival
    • That the idea is to enhance the 8 objectives of the millenium
    • And that the goal is to made them up to the year 2015

    It must be aesthetically pleasent and aesthetically must attract attention the movie people who wil participate must feel indentified since they are the "soul" of the festival.

    Without leaving the organizers and what is expected to made:

    The 8 goals...

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