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    I found these guys because they blogged about Thinkcycleand saw what i saw: no activity for a while. But life goes on.

    These guys are interested in tools to help build online communities and to engender that each community isn't a little island - but states with maybe, i dunno, roads between them? Maybe sites want to keep their people where they are, but i think it's like having a PDF format - it helps everyone if you can read everyone's work.

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    harnessing the web's power to raise money and awareness can have it's drawbacks - what if everyone still wants a stake it what's done with the group's funds? smartocracy has a work-in-progress answer, what they call "augmented democracy." Check out their site for more details and some mathematical analysis! Their first project is to spend 15K using this system, culling one proposal from an open submission process. They're funded by challenge grants from Threshold Foundation and Wallace Global Fund.

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