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    Whenever I heard this question being asked and then hearing it being answered, I would cringe, and whoever is next to me will give me another cringe. Hearing those answers, is what bothers me. Especially, when the similar answers are being heard over thousands times. Anyway, you probably would want to know what the question is, first, before you hear those answers. And this might sound familiar from your parents or did when you were just a child. And that would be, “Wow, you got so much talent and your so gifted…What do you want to be?” The child in the corner would reply, “I want to be doctor.” “I want be a lawyer!” And the one in front of you would go, “I want to be a neurosurgeon.” Sure you do. “A doctor” or “a lawyer” were answers that probably satisfied your mother. But those answers to me are somewhat disappointing to hear. Which might sound awkward to you because you mind has probably been trained to think that there is no better job than being paid the “green sheets.” You know “dough,” “bread,” “MUULLAA.” Yes, Money. And YES, this is what irritates me. For some people, not that they are passionate about it and not that they are seriously worried about saving other lives, and not that they really have the interest. Perhaps, it’s the Ben Franklin’s, they get every week. It is the lack of dedication, and the thought of other minds of just wanting to make money, that makes me cringe. Don’t get me wrong. I do understand that there are those who want to be doctors or lawyers because they believe that it is for the better of humankind and nature, and it’s their passion. And how I know this, is because I am one of those people. I, for one, would like to become an environmentalist, or more specifically an environmental lawyer. Honestly, I am not doing it to become rich. I am walking towards this direction for the better of the society and you. I love the nature. I love the environment. I like to keep it clean and healthy for everyone to live in. What I don’t like, is when people are dumping their waste everywhere, cutting down billions of acres of trees each day to build factory farms, for land to rise livestock and cattle, just so one can have that gigantic stack on their plate every night. Also, some people aren’t realizing how poverty has become a serious dilemma, and they are just taking things for granted. They are also unaware that the resources that they take for granted are leading a serious issue of environmental degradation and global warming. And what I would like to do, is to prevent this from happening and defend for the environment. Without environmentalist or conservationist, we probably would be in a similar situation in some places in China, where people have to wear mask, just to get around the city, or maybe like in the 1800s during the Industrial Revolution, where children have never seen the true color of the sky or ever seen a tree in their life. Now, that’s just sad. So, it is really important that you recycle and make the right choices. As for my desire in practicing to become an environmental lawyer, I have been attending clean up programs, currently enrolling in an AP Environmental Science coarse, writing letters to people and companies who I think are a harm to the environment, supporting vegetarianism, researching and working on a Science Fair Project dealing with water purification for the past 6 years, and participating in my schools Mock Trial Team to practice my debating skills. It’s not that I like to argue, but I must learn to effectively do so—someone needs to defend and stand for the environment and I’m going to be that someone. Thank you very much.

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