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Think Differently

Think Differently

Arts & Culture, Peace, Education

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The Mission of "Think Differently" is to champion and teach the science of thinking like a designer.

"Think Differently" is for people who recognize that the greatest challenge humanity faces is NOT global warming or nuclear proliferation.

Think Differently" is for people who recognize that the greatest challenge humanity faces is that we are still trying to solve our problems using the same kind of thinking that created these problems in the first place (to paraphrase Einstein).. and that we must teach people the kind of thinking necessary to get us out of this mess: Systems Thinking.

"Think Differently" is for people who know that the current design of our world is based on the obsolete fundamental design assumption that there is not enough for everyone and that working to bring this flawed assumption to the attention of the public - coupled with a clear vision of what a world based on an "abundance mental model" design assumption could look like - is of absolutely critical importance if we are ever to create a world beyond war in our lifetimes.


The inspiration for Think Differently is the philosopher/inventor R. Buckminster Fuller, who tirelessly sought to communicate to the greatest number of people possible that humanity is meant to be a success... that we are all supposed to make it here on Earth... and that you must think like a designer in order to experience that humanity has this option. Here are two videos that show Bucky speaking about this option at two events that took place relatively late in his life. (He died at age 88 in 1983.)

Further inspiration for Think Differently comes from Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the management philosopher who brought the concept of a systems and continuous learning approach to production practices to the Japanese after World War II (at the request of the US government, in its desire to help Japan get back on her feet). In his later years, Dr. Deming's philosophy evolved to become a blueprint for organizational - and societal - transformation. In the 5 minute video below, you will hear Dr. Deming (at 92 years of age) explaining how this transformation from a competitive world dominated by external rewards and motivation to a collaborative world (in a macro, global sense) where internal motivation drives people to be their best would lead to a future in which "everyone will win" - just as Bucky said it could be.

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On Saturday October 27th in London, I am hosting a conversation on the future of the corporate socia...

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The Design Approach Applied To How We Think (Thanks, Bucky!)

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