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Socially Conscious Graphic Design

Socially Conscious Graphic Design

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  • Smoke-free Game Suite Engages Youth

    Well-being, Communication Design


    The youth-focused Kanvas game allows site visitors to co-create artworks which reinforce the Smoking Not Our Future message. Images and words can be collaged within the online platform to devise original designs.

    "The idea was to let a discerning youth audience design their own creative message and give them the freedom to tell it how they see it. I believe that youth appreciate being allowed honesty and ownership of voice instead of traditional advertising message," says Steve Le Marquand, creative director of New Zealand interactive agency, Resn, which developed the popular game.

    Resn have also created the Kiss Off game: because kissing is nice but not with a smoker! And Butthead Bash in which you can team up with local celebs to battle it out with, Barry, the evil tobacco industry executive.

    Great to see a government agency supporting social and viral media strategies alongside interactivity and co-creation to ensure relevance with their youthful audience.

    (Artworks submitted by Julie Voss on the Kanvas site)

  • Project10 – Calling 2010 Graduates!

    Communication, Communication Design


    Are you a 2010 graduate designer? Plan-B Studio founder Steve Price has a challenge for you! Since the beginning of 2010 Steve has been undertaking a rather intriguing challenge, Project 10; 10 projects in 10 months working with 10 NFP/NGO organisations or projects. Rather than sending out press releases to promote the endeavor, he has been using the London Newspaper Club to create a limited-edition mail-out to 100 industry leaders and press contacts. The content is contributed to by writers, designers, artists, illustrators and other generous people, who team up and work collaboratively on the content itself.

    For the June issue, Steve’s picking ten graduate designers for a carefully created issue that celebrates the best of the design industries newbies. To get yourself and your work in to the paper you must source, organise and interview your design industry hero/heroine for the paper SPECIFICALLY about the notion of collaboration in today’s industry. Contact Steve with your plan/idea, and then you'll be asked to supply up to 500 words for the interview, images to support the interview and/or examples of your own work.

    Deadline is Tuesday 8th June 2010. For more information contact:

  • Del diseño gráfico hacia el cine

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

    Tengo 33 años y coleccioné una experiencia de casi 10 años como diseñadora gráfica, con varias agencias y estudios, sobretodo en el llamado “packagin design”. Por fin empiezo en darme cuenta de que si mis energías y esfuerzos siguen concentrándose sólo en el ámbito del grafismo finalizado a la venta de productos y servicios de grandes multinacionales, será bastante complicado que yo logre realizarme y tener suficientes sadisfacciones en la vida. Mis valores no son compatibles con esto; me doy cuenta que tengo la necesidad personal de contribuir y formar parte de proyectos más culturales y sociales, que abarquen valores como la solidaridad humana y la sostenibilidad ambiental. Ya desde joven tenía bastante claro que NO quería seguir unos estudios académicos de forma “clásica”, y también sabía que después del colegio no quería estudiar donde una “Universidad”, aunque todo apuntaba hacia ello. Tengo varios intereses y pasiones, pero mi forma de aprender no es de “didáctica tradicional”. He estado siempre muy interesada por la comunicación, las artes en general, las artes visuales en especial, las sociedades humanas, la culturas y el medio ambiente, y en mi vida hasta ahora siempre he ido buscando mis propios caminos para profundizar en estos conocimientos. Con 23 años finalicé mis estudios en diseño gráfico en Milán e inmediatamente inicié mi carrera como diseñadora gráfica en una importante agencia multinacional en Basilea (Suiza). Esto me permitió conseguir uno de mis principa...

  • Cautioning Sun Seekers

    Well-being, Fashion Design


    Australian creatives came up with a scorching piece of ambient advertising for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre – a public hospital dedicated to cancer treatment, research and education. Given the harsh effects of sun exposure in Australia due to ozone depletion – I thought this beach-side banner spoke volumes.

    Creative + Client Details at Osocio

  • Propuesta1_132_

    One of the posters I submitted... Hope to hear oppinions from you all.

  • Plan B Studio: Project 10

    Communication, Communication Design


    To celebrate 10 years of running Plan-B Studio, Steve Price has embarked on a big challenge for 2010; to work on 10 projects/collaborations, over 10 months, with 10 NFP/NGO organisations.

    The aptly named Project 10 will culminate in an exhibition and a book to celebrate the work, the process, and the people involved, and a very special event with guest speakers on October 10th 2010 (yes, 10.10.10).

    Already in its second month Steve explains how the response to Project10 has already been immense. Check out the latest news on the Project 10 blog and follow Steve on twitter @PlanBStudio.

  • Think Act Vote

    Environment, Fashion Design


    Think Act Vote is a campaign to inspire people to think about what they believe in and how they use their vote in the forthcoming election.

    In partnership with ethical fashion label Komodo, Think Act Vote launches with a search for their carbon neutral Think Act Vote t-shirt from up and coming designers, artists and illustrators. The only proviso is that the design must include the words “Think Act Vote”. Submissions can be uploaded to the Think Act Vote website before the deadline of 12 noon on Sunday 7th March.

    An online public vote will determine a shortlist of 10 designs. The winner will be decided by the Think Act Vote judging panel, made up of some of the best-known faces in ethical fashion and design, including ethical hero Katharine Hamnett, celebrated illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve and the original ‘anti-preneur’, Cyndi Rhoades.

    Find out more about the project and how you can get involved at

  • Because Studio updates!

    Communication, Communication Design


    Loz Ives, of the awe-inspiring Because Studio, has updated his website this week!

    Lots of new socially-minded projects to flick through, including work for Carbon Co-op, Communities for Change and The New Economics Foundation.

    Congratulations Loz, hope you still have an archive of the previous folio somewhere online for us!

  • The Cafe of Equivalent$

    Communication, Communication Design


    The Cafe of Equivalent$ has been nominated for a Design Award and will therefore be on show alongside 99 other nominated international projects at the Design Museum in London from mid february till june.

    kennardphillipps' Cafe of Equivalent$ - a lunch food stall selling food at cost equivocal to food affordability in the producing countries - sought to highlight the relative price of food in producer countries compared to consumer countries. A lunch food stall was set up in the City of London asking diners how much they thought they should pay for their food. For example, soup and bread in Mozambique for a worker earning $2 a day costs 20 cents, which is 10% of their daily wage. If this was applied to the earnings of the average bonus-earning-banker, soup and bread, they calculated, should cost £111.20. Which is what it was priced at on their stall.

    via. kennardphillipps and CRblog

  • Design is a powerful tool. Its impact and fundamental role in politics were the focus of an exhibition at the V&A in London last year, “Cold War Modern: Design 1945–1970,” which explored how designers used Cold War technologies, products and aspects of popular culture to envision imagined utopias. The overall analysis illustrated how design may be understood as “a species of military uniform, a powerful method of signalling allegiances and aspirations, of rallying ones own side, and intimidating the perceived enemy.”

    Recently, however, design has developed another political role. This arrives at a time where the so-called threat of terrorism has successfully created risk societies within the major democracies; speculations about the latest conspiracy to blow up buildings, sabotage commercial airliners and poison water supplies still dominate the headlines. This has also opened up a new playground for designers. Tobias Wong, for example, has created a range of products that reference the 9/11 attacks, including Boxcutter and NY Pocketbook. He has resorted to this type of work because he is “frustrated that other designers don’t.

    A series of projects has also emerged in response to the recent debate about climate change. British design duo &Made adopted this theme for their self-initiated project Climatised Objects, addressing the dangers presented by global warming. The flagship piece Either Oar is a timber dining table inspired by recent spates of flas...

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