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Socially Conscious Graphic Design

Socially Conscious Graphic Design

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  • Is Design in Denial?

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    On Monday 1 October from 7.15 - 8.30pm, in association with the Future Cities Project and as part of the Battle of Ideas festival, the London Design Museum will be hosting a talk questioning if Design in Denial?

    "Once upon a time, designers were celebrated as people who dreamt of transforming the world. Today, it seems as if they are regularly blamed for that transformation: for increasing consumerism or for wasteful obsolescence. Once visionaries; today's designers seems much more cautious. Even with more access to tools, techniques and materials, designers are happy to restrict their palette for the sake of ethical, social or environmental considerations. Design is seldom discussed in its own terms. Many designers increasingly defend design by doing stuff-other-than-design. In fact, they are more likely to stress design's moral contribution to myriad issues including responsible consumption, social inclusion and sustainable living."

    A panel of designers including Clive Grinyer (Director of Design at Orange France Telecom), Jonathan Barnbrook, Tom Dunmore (Editor of STUFF Magazine ), Patrick Cox of Wolff Olins and Austin Williams (Director, Future Cities Project). Will be asking if designers are simply capturing the cultural 'zeitgeist' or if design is in denial?

    Image from JumpHawk.

  • London Design Festival 2007

    Communication, Communication Design


    It’s September again and the 5th Annual London Design Festival 2007 is rapidly approaching! Launching this weekend on Saturday 15th through to Tuesday 25th September, this year looks to be more exciting than ever before, with a whole selection of sustainability-focused events.


    The Festival explains the Eco Focus to this years agenda: "You cannot fail to have noticed that everyone has gone eco. From politics to design, the environment is at the top of everyone’s agenda.Of course eco or sustainable design is nothing new - designers have always returned to the theme of reusing and redesigning products. However, sustainability is now being embraced more widely as it soars up the political agenda, and is a major theme running through this year’s London Design Festival (15-25 September)."

    I am happy to announce that I will be covering the 2-week festival for US sustainability weblog, If you plan on attending any of the shows and want to send us your photographs and opinions - we’d love to hear from you! If you would like to meet or speak to me further about potential work or coverage, do email me at

  • The Dott 07 Festival :: 20 reasons to go

    Environment, Communication Design


    The Dott 07 Festival opens in six weeks time in Gateshead, England. 'It brings together the results of projects and events that explore what sustainable life in one region could be like and how design can help us get there. The 12 day Festival runs 16-28 October on the banks of the River Tyne. Doors of Perception has programmed its content and John Thackara, the programme director, has posted a great list of 20 reasons to go.'

    Posted on Anamorphosis 08/09/07, via

  • Thomasmatthews3_177_

    Truly, every time I return to the Thomas Matthews website I am impressed, inspired, intruiged and excited by their extensive project showcase. Take a look at some sustainable newbie images on Anamorphosis.

  • When Words Fail...

    Communication, Communication Design


    The Greening of Illustration: When Words Fail, Eco-Labs Paper published in Varoom Magazine, August 2007 by Jody Boehnert.

    Illustration can, and already is, fulfilling an important role in spreading awareness of global warming issues. Thanks to its ability to make ideas visible, illustration can play a part in making change happen. Furthermore illustration provides a means of communicating the complex emotional reactions that are naturally part of dealing with such loaded information as climate change. Illustration can work to communicate an immediate and a holistic representation. We need this ability of visual languages to help spread an awareness of not only the science behind global warming, but the measures that need to be taken to cut our energy consumption.

  • Greening of Design & Illustration

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Does illustration and graphic design have a role to play in climate change? On September 20th, 2007 at London College of Communication, Eco-Labs open the discussion as part of the 2007 London Design Festival. Greening of Design & Illustration will include speakers representatives from leading UK sustainability design studio, Thomas Matthews and the British Council.

    Eco-Labs explain: As creative communicators we are in a position to help to change attitudes – working towards ultimately changing behavior patterns, policies and systems. Here is a challenge for designers and illustrators: visualize a better low energy future. We used to see visions of the future with jet packs and monorails. Now we need to mainstream a picture of a more human sized, earth connected and energy realistic future.

  • Ranch

    Environment, Communication Design


    Here is a lovely London studio by the name of RANCH, whom have produce a wonderful sample of socially conscious graphic design solutions.

  • The Future of Visual Communication

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    To begin the group blog, I thought I would start by sharing some key resources and projects. The following list defines a selection of online portfolios and projects, that I feel everyone interested in Socially Conscious Visual Communication should definately experience.

    Socially Concious & Environmentally friendly designers/studios:

    Social Design Projects:

    Obviously, there are many more for this list.

  • Group Welcome

    Communication, Communication Design

    Welcome All,

    I hope this group can become valuable for all. Please join the group and feel free to share resources, events and news you hear of, and perhaps we can promote this future leading topic.

    By Kate Andrews

Whenever I draw a circle, I immediately want to step out of it. Buckminster Fuller

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