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Socially Conscious Graphic Design

Socially Conscious Graphic Design

Communication, Arts & Culture, Environment

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  • Three Trees Don't Make a Forest

    Environment, Communication Design


    Great news from Creative Review this month. A 3sprong creative collaboration have founded Three Trees Don't Make a Forest, a not for profit enterprise set up to help everyone involved in design and advertising to rethink their working cultures and start to produce sustainable creative solutions that really work.

    Vastly experienced, Three Trees’ founders, Sophie Thomas of thomas.matthews, Caroline Clark of Lovely as a Tree and Nat Hunter of Airside will continue to run their respective award-winning design practices while working within the industry to share their collective 25 years’ experience in creating effective sustainable design.

    When it comes to sustainable design, there are no excuses. Sooner or later our industry will have to rise to the challenge. As creativity is our business, we should be comfortable with the notion of making our design work that bit harder; creatively and for the environment.

  • The blinding glimpse of the bleeding obvious.

    Communication, Communication Design

    Just watched a really interesting TED Talk, Design is in the details (2005), with IDEO Creative Director Paul Bennett.

    Watch the video here.

    By showcasing a series of unusual and playful products Bennett ilustrates the importance of recognising how the small things we do as people, creative and influence design solutions. Sounds simple when someone from IDEO teaches us how doesn't it!

  • Political Graphics

    Communication, Communication Design


    Just came across an interesting collection of new politically focused graphics from the Los Angeles based Centre of Political Graphics.

    Image: Women in Prison, Scott Boylston, Savannah, GA. Silkscreen, 2006

  • Change the Margins

    Environment, Communication Design


    US website is calling for printer owners everywhere to take the simple step of, well, changing their margins from the current luxurious standard 1.25 inches to a the more modest .75 inches.

    It may sound like a small change, but if everyone in the nation did it, we’d save a little less than a Rhode Island’s worth of trees every year.


    • In prehistoric times, 60% of the earth's surface was covered by forests, today that amount has been reduced by 30% and is still shrinking.
    • It takes 17 pulpwood market-sized trees and 390 gallons of oil to make a ton of paper
    • That ton of paper, when disposed of, takes up nearly 8 cubic feet of public landfill space.
    • That public landfill is approximately 36% waste paper products.
    • Each one million pages of paper not printed saves 85 pulp trees.

    Via. Good Magazine

  • OPX Point of View [Vol.1]

    Environment, Communication Design


    Point is an online/printed publication published by Communication Design studio OPX London.

    Vol. 01 looks at sustainability and how different types of organisation are dealing with this from a communications and brand perspective. Great to see some top names bringing these social and ethical issues to the industry table.

  • Virgin Unite

    Community, Communication Design


    Start Creative designed the branding for Virgin Unite, an internal charity scheme launched by the Virgin Group in 2004.

    Virgin Unite is the entrepreneurial foundation of the Virgin Group, working with partners all over the world to develop new approaches to social and environmental issues.

    Start Creative Director, Mark Smith, explained: We wanted to create something that would challenge the traditional approach in the charity sector [and] didn't engage people on a guilt level. Virgin Unite is about having fun and celebrating the reality of how people live their lives, while encouraging them to donate time.


  • START Designing Human Rights

    Peace, Communication Design


    A global campaign to raise awareness of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights launched this week, with an identity and design strategy by Start Creative.

    The campaign, entitled Every Human Has Rights, aims to pull together the efforts of a number of partner organisations including Amnesty International, Unicef, Action Aid and Save the Children.

    Design Week reported: Start creative director Jonathan Cummings explains that one of the key aims of the campaign, which will run for a year, is to gather a billion signatures, as a show of support for human rights, particularly in areas of the world where governments have a poor track record on human rights issues. Appointed to the project two months ago without a pitch, Start worked closely with Robert Campbell, creative director of supporting charity Virgin Unite. Start created the branding for the campaign, a website, and a brand tool kit that can be used by partner organisations in the campaign.

    The campaign identity puts the emphasis on the main subject, human rights, and is hand-cut and screened printed, with typography by illustrator Rose Stallard.

    The campaign is the brainchild of a group of global leaders, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel and former Irish president and United Nations high commissioner for human rights Mary Robinson, who came together earlier this year to form The Elders, with the common purpose of raising awareness of global human...

  • ‘Burma’ Takes to the Streets

    Peace, Communication Design


    Harry Pearce’s Burma poster has been adopted as a placard by activists in the recent international street protests against the current situation in the country.

    The poster, designed in 2006 for an event organised by the New York-based charity Witness to raise awareness about human rights violations in Burma, has been appearing in news footage of the protests held in cities from Bangkok to New York. Pearce’s Burma Poster is available to buy from Witness’ online shop.

    Previous design work for Witness includes their annual reviews, print, packaging and website, as well as undertaking an evolution of their identity. Harry Pearce’s work for Witness is created with designer Richard Wilson.

    Read the full Burma + Pearce story from Pentagram.

  • At This Rate

    Environment, Communication Design


    From Studio8 Design, At This Rate is a beautiful example of (good) socially conscious graphic design.

    The booklet and poster were produced to raise awareness of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest for the US-based charity Rainforest Action Network.

    Buy the book from Magma for only £6.99

  • Breathe...

    Communication, Communication Design


    Magnificent posters from Studio8 Design, produced to raise awareness of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest for the US-based charity Rainforest Action Network (RAN).

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