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Socially Conscious Graphic Design

Socially Conscious Graphic Design

Communication, Arts & Culture, Environment

326 Supporters

  • Chad Kaszer

    Chad Kaszer

    Culver City, California, United States

    Graphic Designer/Social Media Administrator

  • Limber Designs

    Limber Designs

    Culver City, California, United States

    Designer (Web Design)

    "Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach" - Thomas Robbins, American Novelist

  • conscious


    Berkeley, CA, United States

    Creative Director

    Creative Services, Sustainable Solutions.

  • Chitra Gopalakrishnan

    Chitra Gopalakrishnan

    Somerville, MA, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    A creative venture with a social cause, working with Kerala handloom cottons

  • Chris Wells

    Chris Wells

    London, United Kingdom

    Designer (Art Direction)

    Design is easy. The most challenging phase of any project is writing then negotiating a sensational brief.

  • Christian Etter

    Christian Etter

    London, England

    Designer (Art Direction)

    For a better world...

  • Christian Guthier

    Christian Guthier

    Oxford, United Kingdom

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    We don't make products. We do ideas.

  • Christine Lupo

    Christine Lupo

    Sarasota, FL, United States


    To be a designer... is to be an agent of change.

  • Christine Styron

    Christine Styron

    Orlando, Fl, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Text + Image = OM

  • Christopher Edwards

    Christopher Edwards

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Graphic Design

Whenever I draw a circle, I immediately want to step out of it. Buckminster Fuller

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