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Designed by Dieter Rams in 1960-62, Vitsœ’s shelves and chairs were conceived to be timeless. You can add a single shelf to a system bought 40 years ago and then take it with you when you move.

"We consume, we throw away, we buy more. We generate a growing quantity of refuse. Moreover, in doing so we also create a world without continuity, without depth: an unsustainable world. We have to rethink the issue of the longevity. But we can do so in a gentle way: there is no need to imagine a rigid, permanent world; we can imagine a world of adaptable things, a world open to re-interpretation."

Copyright Dieter Rams 2003

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  • Ian Crawford
  • Andre Cartwright
  • Chelsea Boos
  • Malcolm Lawrence
  • Manuel Alvarado-Negron
  • Marlyn Martinez

For 50 years Vitsoe has evolved furniture that allows it's customers to live intelligently and responsibly by buying less, but of a better quality.

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72 Wigmore Street
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United Kingdom

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