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One in four households in Hale County is not connected to a municipal water system.

Without this service, families get water from sources that can be contaminated with sewage.

It costs $425 to bring clean water to one of these homes.

Help a family. Buy a meter.

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Look for Project M in the September/October 2007 issue of Good Magazine.


On June 2nd, eight young graphic designers arrived in Hale County. We came from San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, Dallas and Dubai to live among its residents for one month. Inspired by the late architect Samuel Mockbee and the work he did with Auburn University’s Rural Studio, we came with a commitment to use our skills to positively affect the lives of Hale County’s neediest citizens.

In the four weeks we lived there, we were welcomed into residents’ churches and hosted for suppers in their humble homes. We were delighted by their stories and awed by their generosity. Although we were previously aware of many of the hardships faced by the residents of this rural community, none of us could have predicted the impact of witnessing their lives first hand.

The fact that not all residents have clean water—because of its cost—struck us. In a county where many of the families live on a fixed income of $600 a month, access to clean water is simply unaffordable. Because of this, parents and children continue to use well water contaminated by bacteria from industry and sewage.

To help, on July 2, 2007, we launched the website It is promoted by a newsprint mailer which we designed and printed in Alabama.

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In Hale County, Alabama, water is not a right.

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