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Imagine losing the ability to move and feel for the rest of your natural life. That is the reality for millions of individuals world-wide who have become victims of a paralysing spinal cord injury. Walkoncemore funds cutting edge research into a cure for this horrific condition. This cure is within reach and with your help we can weld the key to unlock paralysis.


Walkoncemore is a charity dedicated to funding cutting edge advances into a cure for devastating spinal cord injury. We rely on the support, generosity and fundraising endeavours of organizations and individuals World-wide.

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Millions of victims and their families are affected by paralyzing spinal cord injury World-wide. It is widely recognized that a cure is within reach. Founded in 2006, Walkoncemore is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to funding chronic spinal cord injury cure research.

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''The myth that the spinal cord cannot regenerate has thankfully been disproven. The spinal cord inj...

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Welding the Key to Unlock Paralysis

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