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The Climate Project

The Climate Project

Well-being, Environment

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The Climate Project is a movement to educate and challenge citizens, and governments into action against the growing crisis of global warming. As a non-profit group, we work to bring education, community information, research and citizen action programs to communities across the country. Our first initiative, sponsored by Participant Productions, is the training of 1,000 lecturers who will present the information delivered in An Inconvenient Truth to audiences across America.

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  • Trent Bigelow
  • chetan ks
  • Grant England
  • Hideo Miyazaki
  • Julia Quick
  • Kate Andrews

Answer the save our planet and our way of life from the ever-growing climate crisis.

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The Climate Project

The Climate Project, c/o The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, P.O. Box 440225
Tennessee, TN 37244
United States

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