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To develop tools and services that help connect people more effectively and meaningfully with the causes that are important to them anywhere in the world and reduce barriers and irritants that impede the human impulse to give.


Online Fundraising for real-world Projects with 100% of online Donations going to support the Project.

News stories on Causes (Poverty, Environment, Health, Education, Social Justice, Crisis, Community, Animals) from around the world.

Products designed and developed to promote and support charitable giving, e.g. Gift Cards, Fundraising Kits

News & Events

May 2007: GiveMeaning’s CEO Tom Williams is a Keynote speaker at MESH (Web 2.0 Conference) in Toronto along with Craig’s list CEO Jim Buckmaster

March 2007: A new, extensively upgraded release of is launched including an all new function allowing people to Submit a Story from any electronic news source or Blog. Now, along with hundreds of fundraising projects started by GiveMeaning members, the site offers a unique collection of stories from places large and small that somebody thinks more people should know about.

October 2006: GiveMeaning picks up where UNICEF left off by outfitting 2000 Canadian kids with coin collection boxes to carry door to door at Halloween. The bright red boxes (whose design was commissioned by GiveMeaning) have a pig-shaped window and a Halloween themed interior. Each child gets to go online to select a charity to raise money for—and each donor gets a card that allows them to track their donation online. This is the world’s first Pig-e-Bank campaign, and it is expected to reach most Canadian households next year.

September 2006: GiveMeaning Expands Across North America is pleased to announce that its services will now be available to users across North America. Launched in Canada in 2004, GiveMeaning can now issue tax receipts to US donors.

“Increasing numbers of people are using our services and inviting their families and friends to donate online. The resulting cross-border growth has generated great demand for us to offer tax-receipts to US donors,” said Tom Williams, GiveMeaning’s CEO. “We are proud that US donors can now participate fully in the GiveMeaning phenomenon – making the charitable passions of individuals a reality.”


GiveMeaning was Started in 2004 in Vancouver BC, Canada, by a small group of people united by talent and experience in digital technology development and a shared belief in the potential of this technology to revolutionize the way in which the people can address the problems of the world. In just 2 years, GiveMeaning has established itself as a leading player in online fundraising in North America and the number one site combining cause-based fundraising and social networking. GiveMeaning currently has members in North America and many countries around the world participating in fundraising projects and/ or submitting news stories to the site. Our staff provides technical and customer support, as well as continuous creative development on all levels.

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Connecting people with causes close to home and around the world.

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