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  • using low-tech construction materials

    Environment, Environmental Design


    we have started a large scale project just now in the substructure phase it is not yet seen if using blockwork for a retail and commercial project can bring about awareness that locally fabricated material that is affordable can compete with aluminium and glass facade alternatives. we trust the construction industry will return to the use and practicality of using cheaper technology to provide solutions to such delicate project elements and high rise building facades. the kenanga project rises to 23 storeys and have naturally ventilated stair wells and car park floors from level 8 to 15.

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  • challenge park

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    One of the key projects we are pursuing is the Challenge Park comprising the climbing centre and the skate park games centre, both located in the new government precinct of Putrajaya, Malaysia’s new administrative capital. Currently both projects are on the ground, piling works are at an advanced stage, and we contemplate completion in late 2008.

  • cameron

    Environment, Environmental Design


    External facade of Boh Visitor Centre comprise logs of varying girth and diameters cut to shape and size to fit into a metallic frame. Logs are taken off from fallen trees found on site during construction. The facade design is a demonstration of our commitment to sustaining the environment whilst working within the constraints of the site context for all our projects and our best intents to use naturally ventilated systems as far as is practicable for the internal environment.

  • maldives

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Concept Chalet designs for the Maldives: A new paradigm shift? Located off on one of the seven islands currently developed for the new government, this resort chalet design is quite simply a brave departure from the typical Balinese architecture seen sprouting everywhere in this part of the world. Sharp and somewhat aggressively edgy design lines on the outside architecture belie the soft and comfortable and luxurious interior of this building. Associated wooden link bridges which connect a cluster of up to six units at a maximum ensure hotel guests ultimate and exclusive privacy throughout their entire stay.

    We have seen so many Balinese chalets and have loved them all, but we really don’t see ourselves designing any of them, let alone try replicate the style of it or glorify it, nor attempt to imitate or copy it however simple or difficult. We simply think its best left to the experts and better architects, whilst we go about doing our own thing.

stirring emotions through design

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