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Arts & Culture, Environment, Education

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zlgdesign and their other weblog designmatters wish to promote quality design through an awareness and the cultivated desire to preserve whatever is left of nature, and to allow cohesive and quality execution of architectural design and concepts through research, continuous exploration through methodologies and systematic design processes, and acquired intelligence.


zlgdesign want to engage cross-atlantic cooperation and collaborations, and east west understanding, and dialogues: project Kenny Heights is one of them.


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using low-tech construction materials

Environment, Environmental Design


we have started a large scale project just now in the substructure phase it is not yet seen if using...

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  • Huat Lim
  • Andre Cartwright
  • Ashley Ciecka
  • Mplsbeb
  • César Uriel Olivares Flores
  • David Hernandez-Palmar

stirring emotions through design

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kuala lumpur, wilayah persekutuan 50450

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