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Communication, Environment, Education

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  • printplace


    Arlington, TX, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    You are What You Create

  • Malcolm Lawrence

    Malcolm Lawrence

    Bellevue, Washington, United States

    Founder/CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Babel: The multilingual, multicultural online journal and community of arts and ideas.

    There's a heaven above you, baby.

  • Maynard Clark

    Maynard Clark

    Boston, MA, Massachusetts, United States

    Global Health and Social Medicine

    Making connections for plant-based diets

  • iyf04


    Weimar, Germany

    Innocent bystander

  • Mykel Terada

    Mykel Terada

    Chicago, IL, United States


  • Olivier Perkins

    Olivier Perkins

    New Plymouth, New Zealand

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Design can save the world! (or maybe persuade someone else do it for you...)

  • Retha Ferguson

    Retha Ferguson

    Pretoria, South Africa

    Designer (Illustration)

    Fresh imaging

  • Roiasi


    Munich, Germany

    Designer (Illustration)

    Ideas come from everywhere

  • fortran31


    wmr, thüringen, Germany

    human radiostation

  • Toan Dang Vu

    Toan Dang Vu

    Liège, Belgium

    Eco-Design; Sustainable Building - Civil Engineering, Environmental Management

    Re-designing Our Common Heritage

A campaign against global warming.

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Weimar, Germany

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