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At, you can choose not just which nonprofit to support, but also exactly what you want to accomplish. Wish lists, registries and printed greeting cards make it easy to make donations in a friend’s name.

Programs lets you change the world, in exactly the way you want. For just a few dollars, you can provide a child with her first book; fund an hour of cancer research; protect an acre of the rainforest; or restore a blind person's sight with cataract surgery. offers thousands of inspiring donation opportunities from hundreds of leading nonprofits, so you're sure to find something that moves you, no matter what cause you most care about.

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All nonprofits who file a Form 990 are invited to register for a free Enhanced Listing on, which provides space for marketing text, images, and two donation gifts to promote the organization.

History, the website of ImportantGifts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, launched on December 13, 2006. A Board of Advisors, with over 125 leaders of prominent nonprofit organizations, provides with deep expertise and broad support.

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Sustainable Disposable Coffee Cup Concept

Environment, Industrial Design


The Radial Fin Cup is an attempt to improve the typical coated, rolled and glued coffee cup with a p...

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