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  • Gorgeous Building

    Environment, Industrial Design


    This is the new School of Art, Design and Media in Singapore.

  • Curvy bridge in Castleford

    Community, Environmental Design


    This amazing curvy bridge is part of several projects in the Castleford Project Due for completion this spring.

  • Megacities



    When Sir Ken Robinson spoke last month at the London Business Forum he talked about the growth of super sized cities and mentioned Dubai as an extreme example of growth. I chased up the pics. Tokyo is already a megacity with a population of 12 million.

    Top pic is Dubai 1991, the bottom pic is the same strip of road in 2005.

  • Caring_177_

    According to Social Capital Blog numbers of young people voting last week in the US on 'Super Tuesday' have quitupled in some areas.

    In Massachusetts, the youth vote in the 2008 primary doubled from the 2000 with an estimate that 25% voters under age 30 voted this year, compared with 11% in the 2000 primary.

    In Tennessee the youth vote quintupled from 3% in 2000 to 15% on Super Tuesday.

    In Georgia, 280,000 voters under age 30 voted on Super Tuesday, a tripling in the turnout rate to 21% from the 7% that voted in the 2000 Georgia primary.

    The youth vote tripled in Missouri, and Oklahoma and doubled in Connecticut relative to 2000.

    Pic from a zine by Anthony Burrill

  • Emotional_cities2_177_

    Emotional Cities is an art project that studies and visualizes the emotions of individuals and groups.

    On the website, anyone can participate by grading their “form for the day” on a scale with seven levels, emotional states denoted by a colour code from purple to red. The median values for cities, countries, and the world, as well as groups of your own creation, are calculated on an ongoing basis. All the results are displayed graphically on the website. It’s not easy to measure feelings, but the results can be surprising.

    In some cities the current emotional state of the city will be shown as a light installation in the public space. Scientific studies will be carried out as a continuation of the art project. Emotional Cities is an experiment – not only in the sense of an artistic-psychological study, but also as a hybrid between different media and modes of expression.

  • Stay in a drainpipe



    Why stay in a hotel room when you can spend the night in Stylish drainpipe. But is it green? It is made of concrete.

  • Two Covers

    Arts & Culture


    How I Write has two beautiful covers, and tells the inside stories of how a host of wonderful authors work.

  • Hub3_177_

    Disruptive Social Innovators are holding their first meeting at The Hub in London on Tuesday, 5th February - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    Cath Conway of Unpackaged will be talking about how she’s beginning to turn retail packaging on its head to save tonnes of waste from landfill sites. Who said that high quality must come in a pretty package? They will be looking to map the packaging and distribution systems for premier goods and identifying innovation areas that could help our society become more sustainable.

    Please email Nick Jankel-Elliot to reserve a place. You can also connect to this event on their Facebook group.

    The Hub is a beautiful space, and the photographic story shows the transformation of this venue.

  • Collaborate

    Community, Communication Design


    Students from the University College Falmouth have designed numerous different posters to pass on advice and inspiration to first year students. They are being sold on the Advice to Sink in Slowly website and they are beautiful and applicable to everyone: Passing on Personal Advice in a Creative Way.

    Thank you Kate Bingaman-Burt for the links via your blog.

  • The Elders



    Completely inspired by the discovery of The Elders.

    In 2001 Peter Gabriel and Richard Branson took their idea of creating a 'global village' to Nelson Mandela and Grace Machel. The idea of The Elders was based on the model of traditional village elders, trusted by their people to resolve conflict within their communities. The current list of elders is remarkable. Their only agenda is that of humanity and they are free from political, economic or military pressurs.

    Their purpose is to ease human suffering in the following areas:

    • Offering a catalyst for the peaceful resolution of conflict.
    • Seeking new appraoches to seemingly intractable global issues.
    • Sharing wisdom: reaching out to grassroots Elders and to the next generation of leaders. Listening and helping to amplify voices for good all over the world.

    The Elders are also involved with the 60th Anniversary this year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including renewing international interest in signing the declaration, which you can do online here. It felt like a very special thing to do.

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