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    I received my copy of Change The World 9 to 5 recently and have to confess that I am now competely smitten with it. Every page is meaningful, important, warm and funny. The whole We Are What We Do movement is totally inspired and happily are going from strength to strength.

    Here's something interesting from the poster included in the back of the book:

    "If your home has something other than a dirt floor, you are in the top half of the world's population.
    If your home has a roof, a door, windows and more than one room, you are in the top 20% If you have refrigeration, you are in the top 5% If you have a car, a microwave, a video, a computer and this toilet has a cubicle door, then you are in the top 1%"

    I am considering buying an extra copy of the the two books and wallpapering the downstairs loo (bathroom!) with them just so that I can see it all regularly - not just the enclosed poster. Perhaps we all should . . . in schools and offices too :-)

    Thriving is also delighted (the jumping up and down variety) that David Robinson OBE, founder and now Chair of WAWWD has just been added to the main Thriving website as an Inspiration :-) Congratulations to all the other creators of the new book. It is fantastic! I loved the sheet of gold stars, the photography, the humour, the ideas, the size, the shape, the colours, the drawings, the clown, the sandwich, the thank you stickers. . . . . . . .The POSTER FOR the Loo . . . We Are What We Do are arranging some amazing events and competitions in schools. Time to get involved!

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