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  • Laptops in Nepal



    How do you introduce computers in a country where only 45% of people are literate? Rabi Karmacharya is doing exactly that. Seed Magazine reports on how Rabi is using the XO computer through One Laptop per Child scheme to change education in Nepal.

    "Of the country's eight million school-age children, 84% attend primary school; by age 11 half have dropped out."

    "...if this current generation of kids can leapfrog the failing system with little more than an inexpensive plastic computer stocked with clever programs, Rabi could just succeed in bypassing decades of slow national development."

    The article also states, amazingly, that the Uruguayan government has purchased 350,000 XOs, and by the end of 2009 every child will own one and have access to the Internet. Literacy rates there are more than 98%.

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