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  • Co-working and sheds

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    I am now convinced. Home workers need to get out more!

    Please look at this site. A new blog dedicated to 'bookshelves, bookcases and things that look like them'. I think they are all very gorgeous and interesting but given that the blog has been started by Alex who has another beautiful blog called Shedworking they are an accessory for the home worker. The benefits of working from home are well documented. There is a great post on this subject on Alexander Kjerulf's site.

    But there is a real movement to re-connect with people especially if you are away from offices. Example is the wonderful increase in the number of 'men's communal sheds' springing up across Australia - we blogged about that in November. At the last count there were over 216 community sheds open which are drawing older men to socialise and work. The men are working on a variety of craft projects, such as metal and wood work, as well as community projects. The increase has led to a decrease in depression and suicides in this age group as men who have become lonlier following retirement, rediscover a sense of community.

    The increase in co-working hubs, reported in The New York Times shows that people need to be with others. And they are springing up all over the UK too.

    Bigger sheds required? Good shelves can make you happy.... People make you even happier!

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