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  • Young people are voting



    According to Social Capital Blog numbers of young people voting last week in the US on 'Super Tuesday' have quitupled in some areas.

    In Massachusetts, the youth vote in the 2008 primary doubled from the 2000 with an estimate that 25% voters under age 30 voted this year, compared with 11% in the 2000 primary.

    In Tennessee the youth vote quintupled from 3% in 2000 to 15% on Super Tuesday.

    In Georgia, 280,000 voters under age 30 voted on Super Tuesday, a tripling in the turnout rate to 21% from the 7% that voted in the 2000 Georgia primary.

    The youth vote tripled in Missouri, and Oklahoma and doubled in Connecticut relative to 2000.

    Pic from a zine by Anthony Burrill

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