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Well-being, Community, Education

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  • Powerof8_invite_177_

    The Power of 8 team are excited to invite you to the private view and opening of our exhibition on 22nd September 2009 from 6 to 9 pm at Watermans Gallery, as part of the London Design Festival.

    Bringing together an educator, a permaculturist, a technologist, a policy researcher, an urbanist, a retired civil servant, a scientist and an interaction designer the project has bought together people with radically different perspectives to imagine how we could live in the future.

    Our hope is that somehow through the chaos of different ideas, inventions and organisations a more loving, just and humane future can prevail.

    More on the Thriving Too Blog

  • Community Bookcase

    Community, Environmental Design


    A community bookcase in Hannover. Borrow what you like, when you like, remembering to top up the gaps with your own donations. See here for a list of community bookcases operating in other German cities.

    Via: decor8 with photo by Thorsten Becker

    From Alex Johnson

  • Chp_177_

    As the bicycle becomes the preferred form of transport in modern cities, Copenhagen is holding an open design competition for a new bike share system. The city wants the system to be a faithful friend in an hour of need for Copenhageners, and to be an attractive product for the city’s guests.

    Watch the video here.

    Via: David Report

  • 'Community Helping' up 31% in the US

    Community, Communication Design


    Social Capital Blog just pointed me to some interesting new statistics recently published in the US.

    "They also headlined findings from the Current Population Survey data in 2008 on volunteering and civic engagement showing volunteering remaining steady in 2008 and “[t]he number of people who worked with their neighbors to fix a community problem rose by 31 percent, from 15.2 million in 2007 to 19.9 million in 2008″, a remarkable increase in a year, which CNCS attributes to the Obama Administration’s United We Serve initiative and website."

    That is amazing!!!!

    Volunteering in America have a new wizzy website which shows the statistics on volunteering and civic engagement by state and city.

  • Homepage2_177_

    Despite the promise of opportunity, 52% of people aged 16-24 in South Africa are unemployed. Testing Hope is an award winning documentary by Molly Blank which follows four students – Babalwa, Noluyanda, Mongamo and Sipho – at Oscar Mpetha High School in Nyanga township, just outside of Cape Town, as they work towards their crucial Matric exams which one student calls “the decider." The film in not new, but has made significant impact in South Africa, bringing to everyone's attention this deeply important look at education post 1994.

    "Director Molly Blank powerfully tells us of the lives of four students and the current conditions of their schools, placing student achievement in light of the country's historical experience with apartheid, against the backdrop of the wide-spread public belief that education can and will bring about social change."

    "Testing Hope offers an honest and sincere portrayal of the persistent inequality in under-resourced township schools in contrast with formerly white "model C" schools.Yet, the film is striking not only in its contrasts, but in its questioning of the national embrace of this high stakes assessment."

    Carol Ann Spreen, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

    Via: Steve Dahlberg

  • Laptops in Nepal



    How do you introduce computers in a country where only 45% of people are literate? Rabi Karmacharya is doing exactly that. Seed Magazine reports on how Rabi is using the XO computer through One Laptop per Child scheme to change education in Nepal.

    "Of the country's eight million school-age children, 84% attend primary school; by age 11 half have dropped out."

    "...if this current generation of kids can leapfrog the failing system with little more than an inexpensive plastic computer stocked with clever programs, Rabi could just succeed in bypassing decades of slow national development."

    The article also states, amazingly, that the Uruguayan government has purchased 350,000 XOs, and by the end of 2009 every child will own one and have access to the Internet. Literacy rates there are more than 98%.

  • Light Lane



    LightLane projects a crisply defined virtual bike lane onto pavement, using a laser, providing the driver with a familiar boundary to avoid. I don't think that this is being made yet - But what a great idea!

    Via: Fun Creative Innovative

  • Measuring Wellbeing

    Well-being, Communication Design

    The New Economics Foundation launched a new website called National Accounts of Well-being. As well as being able to look at research data into wellbeing, you can also measure your own, and support their campaign for increased measurement and accountability by government on wellbeing. The research published by the BBC ranked the UK as the 6th happiest in Europe, and described Britons as 'bored but happy'.

    Brilliant work by NEF!

  • The deadline is looming for submitting ideas to Social Innovation Camp. Hurry, Hurry, Think, Think.... Enter here by the 7th November....

  • Colalife have put together this brilliant new video for Google’s Project 10^100 Goes Live. Good Luck Simon and Co.....!!

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