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ROGER is about design for globally responsible designers. The designmagazine acknowledges that in our contemporary world design pervades all areas of society and is not limited to single disciplines. ROGER has a mature outlook and combines both design and responsibility, recognising that designers are not just people who produce and sell pretty things, but that there is a greater holistic alternative for those designers who are aware of the international climate of poverty, freedom and environmental choices.

In this group we want to discuss relevant themes for our journalistic work. ROGER is run by students and alumni of the Köln International School of Design and run non-profit.

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  • Marco Siebertz
  • Aart van Bezooyen
  • César Uriel Olivares Flores
  • Clifton Burt
  • Jeff Sheinkopf
  • John Calvelli

ROGER Designmagazine

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Auf Rheinberg 4
Cologne, 50676

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Moderator: Marco Siebertz