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Connected Productions (for Cinema Verite Institute)

Connected Productions (for Cinema Verite Institute)

Communication, Arts & Culture

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Connected Productions is a full service international event company established as a powerful collaborative to bring creativity and artistic expression to corporate and individual events. Realizing the power of his creations, Vincent Reverdy, founder and creative director of Connected Productions, decided to branch out from the ordinary and take on events that would spark thought throughout the world.


The first chance came during the openings of the worldwide film “Darshan”, directed by Jan Kounen, in Los Angeles and Paris. Connected saw an opportunity to engage in an idea sparked by the lead Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, commonly known as Amma, the hugging Saint, whom accentuated the path of peace and the loving embrace. From this film and other creations Vincent was able to connect his company with the Cinema Verite Institute where he plans to once again inspire a worldwide audience through social awakening.

Finally up to present, Connected, joining THE PURE PROJECT and visionary Ryan Fix reaches out to many forums ranging from interdisciplinary workshops to independent artists, all towards a common goal to engender social, environmental, and economic sustainability through sponsorship of pioneers in entrepreneurial philanthropy. This partnership coupled with hours of hard work has allowed Connected to participate in the development of the Cinema Verite Institut.

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  • S.A.K.M. Shamsul Hauque, Shuvo
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Connected Productions (for Cinema Verite Institute)

148 E Broadway Street
New York, NY 10009
United States
212 353 2288

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